We appreciate your chance to experience the Kasti app. Our team is dedicated to ongoing improvements, and your feedback is invaluable to us. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions. You can reach me via email at dmitrii@kasti.io or through Telegram.

Dmitrii Ziuzin


What is Kasti

Kasti is a mobile application designed to help you construct your own personal foreign language vocabulary.

What is behind

Out of all students, a 68% jot down new words and phrases, but a mere 14% succeed in memorizing what they have written.

How it works

Utilize the app to translate unfamiliar words encountered in your daily routine. For the context, you can provide comments, phrases, or complete sentences along with the words. These words will be incorporated into your personal vocabulary.

Later, simply follow the designated repetition pattern and let the app remind you when it's time to reinforce your learning.

What is repetition pattern

Our repetition method is rooted in scientific studies of the human brain, harnessing its hidden power to facilitate effortless information retention. Through intelligent reminders, the app prompts you at the optimal moments for word repetition, maximizing your memorizing efficiency.